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Oxana Dodon Violin TuitionI have many years of experience providing private violin tuition for students of all ages and abilities. I started teaching students to improve the art of interpretation for over 5 years in the musical colleges of ‘S. Rahmaninov’ and ‘St. Neaga’ in Chisinau, Moldova.

As a Guest Lecturer and current Concert Master of the Chamber and Symphony Orchestras at the University of Chichester in the UK, I also give regular violin lessons to the University undergraduates as well as private students of mixed abilities and ages wishing to learn to play the Violin.

I am pleased to provide students with the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience and thereby accomplish high growth value performance in classical music. I also like to bring the joy of music to those who wish to learn to play the violin.

My Ethos for Violin Tuition

I use my solid experience in orchestral and solo playing to teach students how to obtain a highly technical and motivated style. At the same time, I keep a fine balance of fun and enjoyment so my lessons improve technique as well as inspire the joy of music.

Violin Lessons for Mixed Ages & Abilities

Whether you are a complete beginner looking to learn the basics of Violin, an intermediate standard or an advanced player seeking to improve technique, I offer private violin tuition for students of all ages and abilities.

Violin Tuition for Children

As a Guest Lecturer at the University of Chichester, I form part of a group of highly qualified teachers delivering workshops to young and talented musicians. I therefore truly value nurturing young talent and providing opportunities for future growth. As a result, I have many young students who I currently provide private violin tuition. If you have a child that is already playing the Violin or would like to introduce them to the joy of Violin, please get in touch with me and see how I can help.

Music Maestros

I am also the Head of Music at Music Maestros, a music school offering students of all levels technically advanced music teachers for violin lessons, piano and viola.

Flexible Violin Lessons

I understand the need for flexibility when booking in lesson times for my students due to everyone’s array of commitments and responsibilities in life. That is why I have a very flexible time-table designed to fit in with people’s lives as best as possible. As a result, I can provide Violin tuition at various times throughout the week as well as on the weekends including mornings, afternoons and evenings.

Violin Tuition Prices

My private Violin tuition prices are as follows:

  • £25 per half an hour lesson
  • £32.50 per three quarter hour lesson
  • £40 per 1 hour lesson

Get in Touch

If you are interested in learning how to play the Violin or would like to improve your current level, please get in touch with me by completing the short form below and see how I can help:

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